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is babylon 5 good?
i'm trying to decide whether to buy the dvd sets of babylon 5. I have watched all of star trek and loved them along with the new battlestar galactica and doctor who. I was wondering if babylon 5 is any good. also i have heard the first season is bad but how to the rest of the show?
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It depends on your tastes and tolerances. In general, yes, it's good and I highly recommend it to any Sci-fi fan. First season is a bit slow though.
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Absolutely wonderful stuff. You will not regret it.

It's a lot less slick than BSG or Doctor Who, but it's got wonderful, great stories, characters and arcs.
Yes, it's good.

There is a lot of complaint about the first season, maybe well earned. It spends its time defining the B5 universe and the issues that will play out throughout the series as plots and underlying themes The first time through had a lot of 'why are they telling me all this' vibe to it. A lot of good episodes are there, too, but it can feel slow in the first year.
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