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Republicans Say Chris Christie Is Dead To Them...
Long story short, Frank Lautenberg (one of New Jersey's senators) died yesterday. Rather than appoint a Republican to the seat, Chris Christie decided to do the right thing and call a special election. How do you think some Republicans took it?

Republicans Say Chris Christie Is Dead To Them After He Opts For Special Election

Quote:Republicans are livid at Gov. Chris Christie for opting to hold a special election instead of appointing a Republican to fill Frank Lautenberg’s Senate seat. GOPers are saying Christie is politically dead to them.

The Republican reaction to Chris Christie decision to listen to the will of the people of his state was immediate outrage.
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So Republicans do not believe in democracy. Why doesn't that surprise me?
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First, RIP Lautenberg. He was the last WWII veteran in the Senate.Cry

You've got to give credit to Christie for letting the people make the decision. He does seem much saner than the rest of his party.
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I think the better question is why did Christie scheduled the special election just three weeks before the general election.Unsure
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