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Jedi or Sith?
If you choose between the jedi or the sith, which would you choose?

I like the jedi because I could fight evil and that sorts.
I'm also gonna go with the Jedi, so I can fight all the evil and stuff.
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I would take the path of a Jedi but I'd probably be tempted to take the Sith path as it is not as bumpy as the Jedi one.
The sith path, because they use their passion and they are alot cooler. Devil
The Sith of course!
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Dad wants us to pick up where he left off, you know killing things saving people, the family business
the jedi, when one becomes a sith they tend to turn ugly and die painful deaths.
I stick with the light side and be a jedi. i dont want to be evil (even though the baddies have way cooler costumes). Confused
the sith,because the dark side can give you power, strength Devil
The Jedi, of course. I'm not a JediFan for nothing! Plus, I don't want to age rapidly. Sad
In this world, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.
I'd be a Dark Jedi. Learn all the talents of the Jedi, plus some Sith abilities like Grip and Lightning. When one becomes Sith, there's too much ugliness involved. I'm too good looking to let myself become a Sith. Wink
A Jedi, no question about it. Evil eventualy destroyes itself, so while being a Sith for a while might be fun, in the long run it won't be very fun.

No offense to anyone wanting to be a Sith. Like Boba Fett said once, "It is right when they say that law was made for the unlawful."
I wouldn't want to be either. I'd want the freedom to explore both sides of the Force. Using 'light' and 'dark' would open possibilities denied to both Jedi and Sith. Besides, the philosophies for both are flawed anyway.
(If my username didn't tell you) I like the Sith because they get to use their hatred and be powerful. Devil
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Sith of course. They're dark (obviously) mysterious, manipulative, they take advantage of all possible situations. They are what you're afraid of when something moves in the night. Plus, how can you pass up using force lightening?
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JEDI of course; may The Force be with us - Siths are ugly, mean, evil, and destined to LOSE!!!Yes


Don't mess with the Jedi Council nor the LIGHT SIDE of The Force, you Silly SITHies!!!No

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