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Fox News: IRS scandal means Obama stole election
Hannity guest claims IRS scandal means Obama stole 2012 election

Quote:A panel discussion on Wednesday night’s episode of the Republican talk show “Hannity” ended with everyone agreeing that President Barack Obama must have used the Internal Revenue Service to steal the 2012 election, keeping tea partiers so busy with filling out documents to obtain tax exempt status that they were unable to register enough new voters to put Mitt Romney over the top.

Bill Cunningham, host of the CW’s daytime talk program “The Bill Cunningham Show,” articulated this theory, and Sean Hannity appeared to agree. Cunningham also went on a conspiracy monologue to rival even Alex Jones, somehow even managing to mash-in talk of the attack on State Department personnel in Benghazi, Libya.


Apparently failing to qualify for tax-exempt status with the IRS means that a political group us completely unable to function.
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How does not having tax exempt status keep people from going door to door or talking to friends and neighbors?
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Quote:This isn't the first time the IRS has been in hot water for meddling in the politics of nonprofits. And if past is prelude, the Obama administration may have a years-long scandal on its hands.

In 2004, the NAACP was hit with an audit over accusations of improper political activity for criticizing the Bush administration.

Cry me a river, Tea party. The IRS was probably pissed off at being badmouthed by you so they gave them a hard time.
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This is the REAL IRS scandal:

Quote:I’m not all that outraged that the I.R.S. held up applications by Tea Party groups for tax-exempt status. I’m outraged that any of them—or their liberal counterparts—qualify for that status at all.
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Do people really think that Obama MICROMANAGES every federal agency? From the State Department to the IRS, apparently Obama is a very busy man personally managing every federal agency to advance a nefarious Socialist/Muslim/Kenyan agenda.

If people at the IRS were engaging in political partisanship, then that is a problem. I will judge the Administration on their response to this scandal.
Did Obama condemn it in the strongest terms as requested by Congressional Republicans? YES.
Is there an investigation under way by the IG's office? YES.
Are heads going to roll over this? PROBABLY.

Now, if you want to compare it to something, let's look at how the Bush Admin responded to the scandal involving the firing of numerous U.S. Attorneys for purely partisan political reasons. When Congress held hearings on that, the White House flat out refused to allow its staff to testify, resulting in a contempt of Congress charges against White House Counsel Harriet Miers and White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten. And Republicans dismissed the hearings as a "partisan waste of time." Gotta love the irony in that!
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