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Hi, I'm a newbie here.
Welcome, we don't bite... hard.Yoda-winkWink
T'Pol: I am not old, I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday.
Trip: I can't believe you told me that.
T'Pol: You accused me of being old.
-Star Trek: Enterprise 3-24, "Zero Hour"
Let me be the second to welcome you here, welcome!PimpSmoke
I am dead but I must still go to work. -The Sixth Sense
Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay!PimpYoda-coolYoda-smokin
Ford: Don't worry, I trust them to the end of the Earth.
Arthur: And how long is that?
Ford: About 12 minutes.
-The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
WELCOME to our "friendly" little board.Yoda-cool Hope you visit often and post frequently.Thumbsup
[Image: wenty321_1.jpg]
Welcome Jannatask, have fun, post often; and ignore VulcanStevens' "vicious rumors and slander" about me - they are untrue...for the most part?Rolleyes

When I was young, I did a lot of stupid things.Blushing
Now that I'm much older and wiser... I'm REALLY "paying" for those "youthful indiscretions" I did so long ago!Cry
If I had it all to do over again... I would, in a heartbeat - they were FUN!!!YesLaugh

Where ever you may be, that's where you are - you can never run away from yourself, so deal with it, and stop your whining!Dry
welcome its an awesome sight with lots of great people and info


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