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Super Size Me
Some people have been wanting me to watch Super Size Me, the film about McDonald's. Just wanted to see what people think about it.
Meh, I found it boring and frankly a waste of time, plus I eat at McDonald's and I'm perfectly healthy.
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To be frank, that film is an over-rated piece of garbage. It's about a guy who eats ~8500 calories worth of food everyday (your only suppose to eat 2500 calories per day), doesn't exercise, and then blames McDonald's when he has health problems. That's like not taking care of your car, and then blaming the car manufacturer when something goes wrong.

I eat at McDonald's more often than most people do (out of convenience, I work at a Wal-Mart which has a McDonald's inside) and unsurprisingly (like Gaven) I'm perfectly healthy.
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Yeah, I've seen this film, and (like Gaven) it was 90 minutes of my life I would like back. It, in fact, made me go to McDonald's and eat. Wink

Simple fact, if you eat too much of anything and don't burn it off, you're going to get fat. It doesn't matter what you eat or where you get it.
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