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[Read Me] Web Design/Chat Guidelines
Welcome to Web Design/Chat, where you can talk about all things related to running/managing a message board. Feel free to talk about the kinds of softwares, share codes, themes, or mods, and stuff like that.

Please note that any support given here is unofficial.

We will also allow you to advertise your site here. However, before you go posting, you must follow these guidelines:
  • There's not post count requirement, you just have to be registered.
  • We accept all kinds of boards/websites.
  • You have to be a Mod/Admin of the site you're advertising or have direct permission from the Admin to advertise it.
  • Your site MUST NOT go against our board rules or your host's TOS.
  • You can 'bump' your thread after one month (make sure you don't just say 'bump', because that would be spamming and punished as such).
  • Please use the thread prefix [Advertisement] to distinguish any ads from discussions.
Please use the following template when posting:

[b]Site Name:[/b]
[b]Site Link:[/b]
[b]Side Notes:[/b]

Please note, if you advertise a board here, then expect us to advertise on your board as well. It's only fair Smile


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