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Should Movies be Rated?
What do you think about this topic?

Yes, I think movie should be rated but do you feel they serve a necessary function? Some people think movie theaters should not enforce ratings (in other words, ask for I.D. for admittance to an "R" rated movie).
I think movies should be rated. There are movies small children definitely should NOT be seeing. Some ratings are totally off, in good ways and bad, but I think they should stay.
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Movies should be rated, they help parents get a general idea of the movie's contents. Responsible parents should be able to extrapolate from the rating system and determine whether or not the movie is acceptable, ratings are also useful for parents who haven't previously viewed the choice in theaters.

Ratings aren't a "must", they should be compounded with your child's maturity, environment, and how much time you have to talk with them during the movie.
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I think the ratings sever their purpose. They inform you, generally, what age range the movie is intended for. I still feel it is the parents responsibility to screen a movie before their child sees it, if they are sensitive about what they watch.

I saw a lot of R rated movies when I was little, and I really don't think it adversely effected me at all. I was just exposed to it younger, that is all. I'm not violent or angry or killing people. Good parenting over rules anything a child sees on TV.
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Movies definitely should be rated.

After all every movie has different types of content in it. Some are strong in violence and language. Others are funny and light hearted with no language. Without some type of rating system parents could take there child to see what they would have thought to be a nice movie but has sex and bad language. A good example is The Simpsons movie where there were suggestive scenes not appropriate for younger audiences and some foul language. So yes I would have to agree that the rating system for our movies is important.
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