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What books/book series in the extended universe are the most important?
I'm just now getting into the extended star wars universe. I don't know if I want to read all the books or not, probably not though. Right now, I just want to read the major/important ones. I've read the Darth bane trilogy already and now am reading the Thrawn trilogy. Which other books are crucial to understanding the major scope/plot of the universe. Thanks.
You're best off going for the Jedi Academy Trilogy next, followed by X-Wing series and finally the Hand of Thrawn Duology. Those pretty much are the important ones.
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The New Jedi Order
Fate of the Jedi

Those two are very important. Of course none of them are really that important because if when you finish it's optional to read the books and throw your favourite characters into different scenarios.
I'm warning you about The first book in the New Jedi Order 'Vector Prime' you'll now what it is when you finish it.


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