Do you prefer a dark or a light theme?
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Dark Or Light theme?
Just thinking, which kind of theme do you like on a board/website and why?
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I'm a light theme person, easier to read.
Light. Most of the time it looks more professional IMO. Darker themes make me think of teenage gamer sites.
My favorite is light. I like dark too, but I like light more.
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i like dark themes better because it's easier on my eyes at night when i do most of my surfing, but i think light themes looks more professional.
I prefer dark themes over light ones, don't know why.
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I like light, light look cool, light is calming.
Dark themes look coolYes
Dark. I somehow like it better. It is easier to read and it is more neutral when it comes to building a site
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Doesn't matter to me just as long as it looks nice. But I'll usually use the lighter theme if they have an option of both and they both look nice.Yoda-wink
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I like lighter themes, much easier on my eyesYesW00t
I like dark themes unless the light one looks cool.
Light theme, only because they're calming to me.Yes
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Light themes, as they're easier on my eyes.
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Light coloured themes, easier to read IMO.
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