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3x15 "Overlords" Rating/Discussion
Discuss episode 59 'Overlords' here, which aired on January 28th.

[Image: epguide315.jpg]
A mysterious force draws Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka to a distant planet, and its inhabitants -- a family of exceptionally powerful Force-wielders -- in an attempt to determine whether Anakin is truly the Chosen One.

Episode information here:

Please do not post Spoilers for episode 60 or after.
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I thought it was an awesome episode. Qui-Gon wasn't a Force ghost, that's for sure. I had rejected the possibility that it could be the son's 'projection', but it looks like it is after all. How can these guys know what goes on inside our heroes (and their futures)? All-powerful?

I'm really interested in how the arc will end and what mindset Anakin will have going forward. I think, if anything it will only make him value his attachments and relationships more, especially after seeing his mother like that and having that image reinforced. This can lead to Anakin being more obsessed and overprotective and play into how he gets to where he is once Episode 3 starts.
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I liked it too. Firstly the overall premise of the storyline was amazing. This was not an episode for a literal interpretation. It was a metaphor within a myth, and possibly one of the greatest moments in Star Wars thus far.
I give this episode a 10. I thought this episode was awesome.

I liked the fact it brought some mystery back to the Force. Using visions rather than ghosts is a nice thing, it don't cheapen Qui-gon's return.

It also had stunning visuals. Loved the concept of the family, and I'm looking forward to see how this will build up.
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This was the best episode in the series to date, the most meaningful and the most intriguing. Though I am left wondering if the "Planet" and "Father" were real or merely the Force trying to smack Anakin to get him to realizes he has to step up to his destiny.

I give this episode a 10/10.
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This episode was truly epic. While this episode answered some of my questions, and was very good, it left me a bit confused. It made the Force WAY more complicated. Hopefully it'll be explained further.
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I had to watch this episode several times to truly digest what I saw. Not only is this my favorite episode of The Clone Wars to date, but this is the most "Star Wars-y" thing that's been done since the OT. Can't wait for the next episode. Yes
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