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"A Christmas Carol" Discussion
I hope everyone didn't forget about this year's Christmas special?

I found it to be very good indeed. Far better than the other Christmas specials we have had. This one actually delivered.

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I would've remembered it but I don't even know what Doctor Who is. Is it good, when does it air (and on what channel)?
Ah crap, was it on in the states? I totally forgot! Pinch

(12-30-2010, 02:20 PM)binarysunset8 Wrote: I would've remembered it but I don't even know what Doctor Who is. Is it good, when does it air (and on what channel)?

It's a British Sci-Fi show. Currently it airs on BBC America, though I don't have any times handy.

EDIT: Check out this thread if you want to know more:
I completely forgot about it too, but no worries, it airs again on Saturday at 8pm after a marathon of season 4 and 5 episodes for New Year's weekend.
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Luckily, I didn't forget about it. It was ok, a lot of fun but heavily padded too, they could have dropped 15 minutes and made it a much better story in the process.
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I was going to post this last time I visited but I forgot. Pinch

I give it 10/10. It was exciting, Clever and Emotional. Easily one of my favourites.
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Finally got to see it yesterday. Happy

10/10 from me, as it was silly, sad and uplifting. Michael Gambon was fantastic.
I give it an 8, It was quite good, and very different to the previous Christmas episodes.
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Absolutely wonderful, magical and utterly amazing. I was captivated, dazzled and even shed a tear or two. Easily the best Christmas Special so far.
I give the episode a 7. It was ok... Well acted... but it just didn't grab me. It was a good story, but not a great story. Loved the Scrooge story-line though.
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