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3x11 "Pursuit of Peace" Rating/Discussion
Discuss episode 55 'Pursuit of Peace' here, which aired on December 3rd.

[Image: epguide311.jpg]
Padmé, Bail Organa, and Onaconda Farr attempt to rally Senators in opposition to a bill that would appropriate funds for millions of new clone troops and have disastrous financial consequences for the Republic. Their opposition to the measure, however, soon makes them targets for intimidation and attacks by hired guns.

Episode information here:

Please do not post Spoilers for episode 56 or after.
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I give this episode a 9. Much better than I expected.

Palpatine was so awesomely creepy! When he mentioned power, I half expected his Sith robes to be sitting there. And for once, Padme didn't drive me insane. Her aid was a good touch too, though I would've preferred a handmaiden.

The speeder chase I didn't like all that much. Too much comedy, and the editing was terrible. The droids drinking coffee was something I found pretty stupid IMO.
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To be honest it was kinda bad. The premise of this episode is beyond flawed. The notion that a massive Galactic Republic is going to go bankrupt from funding an additional 5 million troops (that's .0005% of Coruscant's population) made me laugh. The better parts of this episode were unfortunately drowned out by some overwhelmingly illogical context.
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Not that good but not all that bad. Palpatine is working to bankrupt the Republic to paint later the Old Republic as system completely unable to do what it actually was supposed to do. I also like the way the IBC is portrayed, like the bankers they actually are. They're neutral, and do business with everyone who can afford it. They want to make profits, not conquer anyone.
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That wasn't all that good I'm sorry to say. What is with the politics? It feels and sounds like it is being made it up as it goes, tossing in some real world issues and current events, and not even caring if it flows well in the Star Wars Galaxy. Where are the Jedi and the Republic military leaders? They would be the ones to tell if more troops are needed. Not just to win the war, but for the possible occupation of CIS worlds after the war is over.

On the bright side, Palpatine and Mas Amedda and the end were the best parts. Biggrin
This was an interesting episode. Not the greatest, but I certainly wouldn't say it's bad. The bounty hunters weren't really that threatening, but I did like their usage, and they seemed pretty darn tenacious, to their credit. Padme's handmaiden was also nice to see, though it's a pity that they couldn't do more for her than have her supply Padme with ammunition for a speech.

I give this episode an 8/10.
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