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3x04 "Sphere of Influence" Rating/Discussion
Discuss episode 48 'Sphere of Influence' here, which aired on October 1st.

[Image: epguide304.jpg]
Chairman Papanoida's family is kidnapped and held for ransom. Ahsoka must team up with the Senator from Pantora, Riyo Chuchi, to aid the new chairman in recovering his family before the Trade Federation can unduly influence the future of his planet.

Episode information here:

Please do not post Spoilers for episode 49 or after.
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I give this episode a 7. It was a fairly meh episode.

I did not understand why Ahsoka and Chuchi were "good friends," as Ahsoka described it. If Ahsoka was in Trespass, and they met there, then it would've made sense.

Also the Trade Federation is not neutral, so I still don't understand why Lott is keep denying it. And I didn't understand why Pantora is blockaded, as we never saw or gotten a mention of it.
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It was a decent episode, although the Ahsoka/Chuchi relationship seem to come out of no where. At first I didn't like the idea of the Trade Federation not being part of the Separatists, but it's grown on me. I like how the Trade Federation is trying to have it both ways, it comes off quite realistic.
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Quite honestly I found this a boring episode. Chuchi kept me interested. The whole Chuchi and Ahsoka being friends thing was kind of out of no where but I didn't mind it that much. They made a good team and Ahsoka wasn't the hero.
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This episode was rather slow. Lots of slow points, back and forth political dribble, zero character development for our main players and some new characters I could care less about.
Actually I kinda liked this episode. I loved the Gotal character, he's absolutely hilarious; loved Padme's line about Anakin teaching; loved Ahsoka having to do her mind-trick twice.
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I found this episode to be ok for the most part. I liked how this episode shone some light on how this 'new take' on the position of the Trade Federation really works. It all started to make some more sense to me. It may not be what we're used to, but I'm starting to like the new direction they're taking.

I give this episode a 7/10.
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