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3x02 "ARC Troopers" Rating/Discussion
Discuss episode 46 'ARC Troopers' here, which aired on September 17th.

[Image: epguide302.jpg]
The Separatists launch a major attack on the Republic cloning facilities on Kamino.

Episode information here:

Please note due to two episodes airing this week, this thread may contain Spoilers for episode 45, Clone Cadets. However, do not post Spoilers for episode 47 or after.
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I give this episode an 8. I thought this episode was alright.

It's too bad that the ARC Troopers got wasted fast, and I would've also liked the fleet battle to last longer. The strategy of using the debris wasn't bad either. Pretty clever, especially considering Anakin's tendency to be overconfident in space.

I also liked how Grievous wasn't too bad here: He doesn't ALWAYS run, and he put up a nicely brutal fight against Obi-Wan.
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It was good to see the Rookies together again but I lost it when Heavy gave his medal to 99. Then of course they had to kill 99. He was an amazing character to show another side of the clones. The show has really stepped up in the action and the effects.

Hopefully the show keeps up the quality this season. Yes
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Loved this episode. I'm still in awe with how much action they crammed into this episode. I really enjoyed when Ventress told Grevious he had absolutely nothing that she wanted.
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I liked the episode, better than the first one. Ventress actually behaved like herself, being a dark and seductive assassin. Her comment to Grievous (hell that whole scene) was fantastic. 99 was handled very well, and his whole story was very touching.

I pray that this kind of quality remains throughout the entire season. The next episode though... Brr
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