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3x01 "Clone Cadets" Rating/Discussion
Season 3 premiere
Discuss episode 45 'Clone Cadets' here, which aired on September 17th.

[Image: epguide301.jpg]
The clone cadets of Domino Squad are at risk of washing out unless they pull their team together.

Episode information here:

Please note due to two episodes airing this week, this thread may contain Spoilers for episode 46, ARC Troopers. However, do not post Spoilers for episode 47 or after.
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I give this episode a 9. This was a good episode, but not as good as Rookies.

I think they really set the episode up high in the beginning, but it fell flat at the end. The Shaak Ti and Lamu Su parts were odd to me. Lama Su's and Shaak Ti's voices were completely was off.

Still, it was a great season opener. I loved how the personalities we saw in Rookies were represented here. Yes
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I liked the episode but it did kinda flat towards the end. There wasn't any tension in that final test sequence. It was like their problems were all solved because Heavy got his act together. It did have some great music, possibly the best original material they've used on the show to date.
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This was a strong episode and a great start to the season. I warmed up quite a bit to Shaak Ti's new voice, and 99 was an unexpected but very welcome addition.
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This was a good episode but not great. All of the cadets had interesting personalities. 99 was a great character but I wouldn't have missed him if he wasn't in it. As always with this show, excellent attention to detail; I liked how the gave the practice blasters a new impact effect.
[Image: wenty321_1.jpg]
This was a solid episode, I enjoyed 99, even if he was a bit of a cliche. The animation was top notch and looks leaps and bounds better then season one or two. I really like how all the clones seem to have their own personalities.


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