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Lightsaber a reality?
Lightsaber Becomes Deadly Reality

Quote:If you’ve ever wanted to own a real lightsaber, your dream has come true. But safety officials have warned that the product is no toy and could cause serious injury or worse.

The Spyder III Pro Arctic is sold by Shanghai-based firm Wicked Lasers and costs US$197.97, shipping to 70 countries. It takes the direct blue laser diode used in extremely powerful home theater projectors and turns it into a 1W beam.

That might not sound much, but bear in mind that a standard laser pointer of the type used by idiots to piss off other crowd members at sports and entertainment events has the same power as sunlight on the skin. This device has 1,000 times that level of power.

Obviously way too dangerous to be sold to the general public of course. Wink
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So I guess it isn't meant to be brought to conventions...
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Isn't it really just a laser and not a saber? Unsure
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I want one... it's worth going blind for. Wink

(06-21-2010, 03:02 PM)Gaven Scott Wrote: Isn't it really just a laser and not a saber? Unsure

That's what I was thinking, the "blade" is a bit... anemic.
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They should've had these kind of lightsabers in Star Wars. It would be so much easier to defeat Darth Vader by pointing this at them. Laugh
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yeah, i don't see any problem with selling this to the public... Rolleyes Wacko
I'd like to own one. Wink Yes
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