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What is your operating system?
I had Windows Vista for a time but dumped it and went back to XP. Rolleyes
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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I use Windows XP. I just don't have a reason to upgrade to Vista as XP works fine for me.
(07-26-2009, 09:31 PM)Darth Shears Wrote: I just don't have a reason to upgrade to Vista as XP works fine for me.

Same reason I haven't upgraded. Though I might upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out.
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im a windows vista user, its bettre than what people say it is.
My operating system is windows 7. It is one of the best operating system. I used this O.S as well it is one of my favourite O.S. It have several best feature. It's a fully entertainment O.S. as well as it have a good clarity and give a best resolution.
Currently I'm using Windows XP, but I'll be getting a new computer in a couple weeks which will have Windows 7.
I use Windows 7.
i still use windows xp. i might upgrade one of these days but i'm in no rush to do so.
i still use windows xp too. never really bothered to upgrade.
You can count me as an XP user still. I'll probably upgrade when I buy a new computer.
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I recently got a new computer, so now I use Windows 7. Not too crazy about it's design but I'm warming up to it. Yes
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Windows XP still.
Windows 7.
Windows XP. Windows Vista is a Zionist conspiracy to give the world a collective headache.
I am using Windows 7


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