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Caption Contest #13: This might be bad...
Ok, that last image wasn't as popular as I hope it would be. Pinch

The winner of the previous contest was Mr. Tight-pants with this obvious one:
(02-03-2010, 10:04 PM)Mr. Tight-pants Wrote: [Image: putinbenedict.jpg]
Pope: So what do we do tonight, Putin?
Putin: The same thing we do every night, Ben, we try to take over the world!

*Cue Pinky and the Brain theme song*
They're Putin and The Pope,
Yes, Putin and The Pope.
One is infallible, the other's insane.
They're not taught to act nice,
Their souls have been diced.
They're Putin and The Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope,
Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope.

Before each night is done,
their plan will be unfurled,
by the dawning of the sun,
they'll take over the world.

They're Putin and The Pope
Yes, Putin and The Pope
Their twilight campaign is easy to explain.
To prove their religious worth
They'll overthrow the Earth
They're Putin and The Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope,
Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope.

Anyway, here's the new image (as I said, this might be bad):
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Caption Away!
Here is where my signature begins...

And here is where my signature ends. What, were you expecting more?
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: Hey, do you know if King Friday has any weapons of mass destruction?
Obi-Wan: "I felt a great disturbance in The Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."
Me: "Let me guess, they saw Jar Jar Binks for the first time?" Wink
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: I know it was you, Fredo, you broke my heart!
Mr. Rogers: (thinking) WTF?
Ich tue, was ich tun will
I do what I want to do
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: I think King Friday is part of the Axis of Evil.
Mr. Roger: ???
Bush: The people of Make Believe need to be set free from that tyrant's rule. I have intel that Friday's hiding WMDs in that factory near his castle. He's enriching uranium there!
Mr. Rogers: No he isn't.
Bush: I'm giving Friday and his family 48 hours to leave Make Believe or else they face the United States Army.
Mr. Rogers: Huh Blink
I am dead but I must still go to work. -The Sixth Sense
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: Hey, I know you, you're that guy from PBS. Mr. Roberts, right.
Mr. Rogers: It's Mr. Rogers, actually.
Bush: Cool. Hey, can I ask you a favor? Can I go to the Neighborhood of Make Believe and live there for awhile? Alot of people here hate me for some reason.
Mr. Rogers: Uh, sure... (thinking) WTF?
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush, going for a laugh: I better keep one hand on my wallet with all you PBS guys around, right?
(everyone is silent)
I aim to misbehave.
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush, thinking: Anything for a legacy...
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: So a millionaire and two guys from PBS walk into a bar... what? You heard that one before?
Fry: "What was the purpose of life, anyway?"
Farnsworth: "Who knows? Probably some hogwash about the human spirit."
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: Hey, you wanna see my impression of the Trolley?
Mr. Rogers: Huh
T'Pol: I am not old, I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday.
Trip: I can't believe you told me that.
T'Pol: You accused me of being old.
-Star Trek: Enterprise 3-24, "Zero Hour"
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: Your trolley scares the crap out of me.
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: Wanna trade jobs with me?
I'm too cool to have a sig Wink
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Bush: Thank you, Mr. Rogers, I will try to remember to know when to hold them and when to fold them.
[Image: fredrogerswhitehouse.jpg]
Mr. Rogers: I better go give my speech.
Bush: Good luck, and may the force be with you.
Mr. Rogers: (pauses for a minute) Do you even know who I am?
Bush: Of course I do, didn't you play Mr. Spock on Star Trek?
Insert colorful quote here


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