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How many forums/websites do you have?
Might as well see, how many forums and websites do you have at the moment?

I have one test forum with ZetaBoards but that's it. I did have one site on Geocities but there was nothing to see and it was deleted when Geocities shut down.
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Beyond the various test boards I've registered on various hosts over the years, none. Never had the desire to run a website either.
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Nope, but I've considered running one just to pass the time.
I have this site, my old InvisionFree board (Domain of the Wizard) and many test boards. As for websites, I own the one that holds my blog.
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Just one, a test board but I haven't used it in along time.
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None as of Today
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Nope, I got no sites either. Never really wanted to either (there's tons of little things to worry about).
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I do what I want to do
None at the moment, but I'm thinking of starting a board on ZetaBoards. Cool
none either. just never saw the point of running one.
There was a time I almost tried to run a resource board for InvisionFree but I didn't bother in the end (too much work).
I aim to misbehave.
I have only one music video sites.video embedded through youtube and it's not working right now.Sad
no, i don't have any site. it always looks too hard.
I have three forums. But sometimes it's too hard to maintain and update them. However, I really work hard to make my sites more effective and pleasant.
i once considered starting a star wars forum on invisionfree but never bothered. as jaybed said, they are hard to maintain and update them.
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I have a site at freewebs which is all about my Hockey graphics. I also have one for my other graphics but this one I built myself and I even bought the domain name. I'm not really a forum person so I left the forums out unless someone gives me a solide reason
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