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2010 Election Projections
Guess you never can be too early with this...


That site has the Dems down by four in the Senate and down by thirteen in the House as of January 19. Which sounds about right/reasonable.

In the house, they don't have my district (Pennsylvania's 16th) listed, but my guess is it will stay a safe Republican seat.
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They seem to be keeping my district (Illinois's 14th) as a "Weak DEM Hold". From the sounds of it, this will likely be a fairly mild midterm election.
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My District isn't listed (North Carolina's 4th) so it looks to stay a safe Democrat hold.
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These predictions were pretty much what I was expecting, considering how many people have issues with the current administration.

My district isn't listed at the moment (Missouri's 3rd) so it should stay a safe Democrat hold also.
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No Connecticut congressional districts are listed, so it looks like I'll be keeping my Democrat rep. (I live in Connecticut's 2nd for those wondering)

This'll also be the first election I'll be able to vote in too (I turn 18 in April Dancing )
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I don't see my district listed either. I'm in California's 14th.
Mine isn't listed either (Florida's 23rd) so it should remain a Democratic district.
Mine's listed, as a Weak DEM Hold (New York's 29th for those wondering). No surprise, since my district leans Republican a bit.
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My district ain't listed either, so it'll probably stay a Republican seat (Texas's 5th).
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Mine's not listed, so it too should stay Republican (California's 19th). Unfortunately I can't vote in this election as I'm too young.
Iowa's 2nd (my district) isn't listed. So it should stay Democratic (last election the current guy won by 20% of the vote).
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Looks like my district will also stay Republican (Texas's 19th).

Also the projections have changed, they have the Dems down 16 in the house and 6 in the Senate now.
My district is still listed as a Weak Dem Hold.

In the Senate I see they are projecting Harry Reid and Arlen Spector to lose. Damn. Pinch
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My District isn't listed (New Jersey's 5th) so it looks like it might stay Republican. But things can change and it's still early in the year...
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My district ain't listed (California's 6th) so I foresee it staying a Democratic district (in 2008 Lynn Woolsey won with 71% of the vote and she's held the seat since '92).


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