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Board Updates- 1/20/10
You might've notice some changes I've been making to the site for the past month. I figured I'd formally announce them:

-Ten new games in the Arcade (Autobahn, Blow Up, Colosseum Blackjack, Connect 4, Yahtzee!, Super Slot Slingo, Scrabble Blast, Pyramid Solitaire, Mini Golf 3 and Space Invaders).
-I've brought MyAwards back but there might be some display problems (currently they're jammed into the space between the Credits and MyMood and I can't move them to the end).
-I've converted the Plug Your Forum to a more general Web Design/Chat, which will allow you to discuss more general website stuff (you may still advertise there if you wish).
-Added a Science forum, where you can discuss science-related subjects. All science discussions have been moved there from The Cantina.
-Did some upgrading of the site which patched some annoying bugs (the bug that made your birthday required is now fixed).
-Added four new BBcodes, a border one (inspired by the one in ZetaBoards), an Acronym one, which allows for the posting of an acronym/abbreviation with a hover over, a blinking one and a notice one, which allows for a notice to stand out.

An example of border code: This text is bordered

The code to use it is:
[border=1,dotted,#0000FF]This text is bordered[/border]
(the first value must be the border's thickness, the second is the style and the third is the color).

An example of the acronym code: LOL

The code to use it is:
[acronym=laugh out loud]LOL[/acronym]

An example of the blink code (and please don't abuse it): Hey, look at me!

The code to use it is:
[blink]Hey, look at me![/blink]

An example of the notice code:

This is an important notice. Thank you.

The code to use it is:
[notice]This is an important notice. Thank you.[/notice]

That's all for the changes. If you're wondering about the new credit system, I've holding back on it. It's finished more or less, but I must do alot of testing to ensure that's when it's installed, it works the way I want it to. Expect to see it within the next 2 months.
Border BBcode looks really cool. Can I ask what border styles exist that we can use?
(01-21-2010, 02:56 PM)Quest21 Wrote: Can I ask what border styles exist that we can use?

solid - Test border

dashed - Test border

dotted - Test border

double - Test border

ridge - Test border

groove - Test border

inset - Test border

outset - Test border


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