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Sins of a Solar Empire
Anyone played this? I got it for Christmas and I really like it. Very addictive.

What I really like about this game is that it isn't a battle that's over in a few minutes... it's a long slog, and all about trade offs.
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I have this game and I agree that it can be addictive. Never played it online, but I have spent many hours playing against the AI. My favorite way to play is against 3 medium AI's on an medium size, random map.
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I've had the game since the day it was released. Never played it online either.

I've only once bothered to smash a pirate base with a fleet. I've blow up their planet with a nova canon a couple of times for laughs but I most just let them do what they do since I play as TEC and given their economic bonuses was it's easier to outbid the computer.


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