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Prequels vs Originals
i know some don't like the new movies so i figured what people here say, which are better, the prequels or the originals and why?
Story-wise, the originals are better, their stories aren't as contrived/poorly thought out than the prequels are. Effect-wise, the prequels just look better.
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I find it hard to say which is better, because I consider the films to be one six-film story. That being said, I feel that the originals was written and/or directed better.
though i like the prequels, i think their real problems with them was they were trying to please too many people. the originals really had a perfect blend of battles and overall feel. they didn't seemed as rushed, and was more realistic looking.
Personally what I don't like about the prequels is that things were rushed. In the OT, there was a naturalistic sense of characters interacting with each other, and not being forced together for the sake of continuity (the relationship between Padme and Anakin comes to mind).
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While there is no doubt that the prequels have better special effects, the originals have the better story telling, as Gaven described above.
There is a magical quality to the originals film that only exist in fleeting moments in the other movies. The locations we are taken to appeal to our imaginations (like Cloud City, Mos Eisley Cantina etc) and have their own unique aura matched only by Kamino and Corusant in the prequels. Some of the ideas for locations in the prequels are ruined by just too much CGI (Mustafar) or you just don't have time to appreciate (Utapau, Otoh Gunga).

The pace of the originals are also slower. We have time to settle in to each location and get to know the characters, whereas in the prequels we are jumping around, telling a fast paced story.
The original trilogy is my personal favorite. I was eight years old when Star Wars came out in 1977.
So of course I'm partial to films I grew up with.
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I like the OT the best. I do not feel that the PT was without adequate emotion or that the storyline wasn't as good as some fans feel, but I feel that the OT was written and directed better.
Original Trilogy all the way. Don't get me wrong, I love the prequels and they are great, but they don't stand a chance against the classics. The OT are classics. I like the special effects in the prequels.
The old ones are better storywise


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