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Anyone seen it? I've seen it twice now and both times I was blown away! Story was a little predictable (though it was still solid) but the visuals were absolutely amazing.

Avatar is definitely my favorite film of the year.
I've seen it twice also (not in 3D though). Visually it did look great, but I wasn't too crazy about the soundtrack (it sounds like Aliens meets Titanic). Though the story was somewhat predictable, I was surprised a couple times.

Still, it was nice and entertaining as an action movie.
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Oh, I saw this last week and in many ways it was a lot better than I was expecting. Visually, it is incredible. Storywise, it was a little unoriginal, but despite that, I still say it's an excellent movie.
I loved it. It may have a somewhat predictable storyline and could have gone for some more imagination, but it didn't need it to be fantastic. The visuals were stunning to say the least (and yes, I've seen it in 3D).

Did anyone else think Pandora looked alot like Felucia from ROTS?
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My finace and I went to see it. It was really good. The 3D wasnt as good as I hopped it would be, and the movie was to long. Butttttttt..... besides that, i liked it alot. The story was very well done, and they had great actors and special effects. Biggrin
Avatar is one of the best 3D movie I have ever seen. I've seen it many times.


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