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Distant Origin:
What did you think of this V’GER episode?
I think it was a great idea that was executed horribly.

I didn't like the choice of dinosaur: hadrosaurs {duckbills} as the ancestor of the Voth.

Troodon as Voth ancestors would have been a much better superior choice.

I remember the Voth being cold blooded, which seems wrong as histological evidence from duckbills indicates they were warm blooded. {Alot of dinosaurs indicate warm bloodedness.}

I recall a major paleontological mistake in the episode regarding the extinct Permian amphibian eryops & it's place in the evolution of vertebrate land life.

And the Voth?

They completely forgot where they came from?

Why did they leave Earth again? I haven't seen DO in a long time.

If it was the K/T Extinction Asteroid(s), why wouldn't they destroy it, them? Or try to?

The Voth leave, left NO trace(s) of their intellectual & high-tech civilization? At all?

The whole thing is very sloppy & disappointing to me.

The way to do this was to have had a prehistoric alien civilization transplant Late Cretaceous Earthlife to a Class M planet in the Delta Quadrant as a scientific experiment, & the Voth, preferably of Troodon ancestry in this scenario, be the intelligent civilization that evolved from those transplanted Troodontids.

I had that idea for a sci-fi story long before I ever saw DO, as I'm sure thousands of other sci-fi fans did as well.

Despite my misgivings about DO, I wish Gegen had joined Janeway's crew. He could've become an intermittent recurring character.

Gegen could've been to V'GER what Hawk was to "Buck Rogers".

Anyone here read the TOS novel "First Frontier"? I've never read it but read alot about it on memory alpha, beta & wikipedia.

Though decidedly an Alpha, or Beta, Quadrant story, FF seems to have gotten right what DO got wrong.

The Voth are Earth's "Romulans".
I don't remember this episode off hand, but it does seem ridiculous that dinosaurs could somehow leave earth without leaving some kind of trace here (unless they were abducted).
I've only seen the episode once and I have to agree with you. But then again Voyager (well, Star Trek in general) was always bad at real science so it doesn't surprise me the writers didn't think about this stuff.

The episode did have some good directing though.
T'Pol: I am not old, I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday.
Trip: I can't believe you told me that.
T'Pol: You accused me of being old.
-Star Trek: Enterprise 3-24, "Zero Hour"


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