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Spock & nuTrek:
some thoughts.
In Trek 2.0 we have Spock, or Spock Prime as the movie calls him, having to live out his remaining days in the past in an alternate timeline/parallel universe.

This is the same thing that happened to the Tasha Yar from the parallel universe/alternate timeline created by the Enterprise-C going 22 years into the future.

Tasha Yar returns to the past with the 1701-C. Like Spock Prime in nuTrek, the Tasha from the reality of the 20 year UFP/Klingon War ends up spending the rest of her life in the past & in a parallel timeline/alternate universe.

For the most part, overall, alot of things, most things, would be identical in the parallel reality created by Nero's, & Spock's, time traveling.

That being the case Spock Prime should tell nuKirk & Spock 2.0, & maybe Starfleet Command as well, everything he knows. He'd be giving them a huge heads-up & gameplan play by play of what lies ahead, or probably lies ahead. Probably by 90% or better.

It's not even fair no?

But so what!

Spock Prime's situation in nuTrek also reminds me of the TOS Defiant in ENT's "In A Mirror, Darkly". The TOS Defiant ended up over a century in the past & in a parallel reality. Just like Spock.

& both Spock & the Defiant are reservoirs of knowledge.


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