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What would you have on your Jedi utility belt?
Ever since The Phantom Menace, and all the way though to the current novels, I've always been curious about what Jedi carry on there utility belts. Considering Jedi have carried relatively few items from a lightsaber to a comlink and possibly a breathing device among other things.

So the question is what should a Jedi carry and what would you carry if you were one?

On mine there would be:
-Lightsaber (Blue)
-Grappling hook
-Breathing device (like the ones in TPM)
-Commlink (preferably a wrist-mounted one)
-Waterproof matches (hey, never know when you'll need them)
Just a lightsaber, a commlink and a lot of money for me. Wink
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I'd have a Blue Lightsaber, some money, Grappling hook, Breathing device, a comm link and a .357 Magnum (just in case Wink ).
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I'd go old school with just a lightsaber and a comlink.
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Lightsaber, comlink, money, rebreather, blaster, and a towel.
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A lightsaber, blaster, food rations, money, life support packs, comlink and a power pack.
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This is tough, but here's my list:

Alot of Starburst candies. Wink
- Green bladed lightsaber
- Comlink
- Rebreather
- Money
- Some food
- Holoprojector
- Grenades
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On mine:
-Lightsaber (yellow)
-Thermal detonator (just in case)
-Small blaster
-Poisons (for when I need a more subtle kill)
-Power pack
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I would carry:

Blue lightsaber
Check book
Other women stuff Wink
i'd have what the writers want me to carry. Tongue

but this is what i'd carry with me at all times:
-emergency medkit
-comlink / datapad
A lot of what I would take depends on the mission, enemy, civilian considerations. Wartime missions will call for different gear than infiltration or diplomacy. This is what I always take:
-Med kit

It's the same as onejedi15 posted above. Wink
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Hey guys,
This is hard to say but i can prefer:
-Grappling hook
-Breathing device

this is hard to say but i would like:
-grappling hook
-breathing thinky
-comm link
-rocket pack
Just give me a lighsaber and commlink and I'll be happy. Happy
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