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Board/Account Security
Because it might come up in the future, I figured I'd make a note on this subject. Many boards in the past have been destroyed because they were cracked.

Most boards and user accounts are cracked into because the owner of the account had an easy password that was easy to guess. To prevent this, your password should be at least 12 characters long, not be a dictionary word, all numbers, or a simple keyboard pattern like "qwertyuiop". Make sure you use a different password on different boards. NEVER use the same password on different boards, especially if you're a staff/moderator on any other sites.

Make sure you protect your account's e-mail address, especially if it's registered on a site like Yahoo!, MSN Hotmail, GMX or Google Gmail. Someone can crack your password on you e-mail account and use password recovery to obtain your password. Also protect your email recovery information, make sure it's not easily guessable or info that can found online.

Also you should scan your computer for keyloggers, someone could've slip one in when you downloaded something.

A good password should contain: lowercase letters, UPPERCASE LETTERS, Numbers, Punctuation signs and other keyboard symbols ([email protected]#$%^&*,.;`~-_+=()[]{}), or special ALT characters (§∂ªº¶®øߥ)

Just remember:
  • 'password' is a bad password
  • '12345' is a bad password
  • 'qwerty' is a bad password
  • 'dge7{]QYEqie13' is a good password
  • 's8hbdfs9D£˝∂ƒ©'fd[':LD;'sfhj∂¬' is a really good password
If you have trouble coming up with a good password, you can use this password generator:


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