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Discworld series
by Terry Prachett

I've finished reading the first book (The Color of Magic) and am now reading the second book (The Light Fantastic).

They're awesome books. A world of fantasy... with comedy mixed in.
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They sound cool, I think I'll check them out...

There's 38 books! Are they short or long?
I've always loved these books and have everyone to date. Can't wait for "Unseen Academicals".

My favorites are those of the Ankh-Morpock watch and we've seen them all mature and progress (save Nobby). I have however noticed that the Witches have dispersed into the background for the last few years, so too have the wizards (as they star in the side series of Science of Discworld novels) and even Death which is a shame.
Hmmm, they sound really interesting, I'll go look for them.
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I personally never heard of them myself, but they sound really good and I definitely and going to buy the first book (which is "The Color of Magic" right?)
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I've been reading these books for awhile now and I'm up to "Hogfather" (book 20). Great series, very entertaining writer. Smile
Well, you've peeked my interests, I'm gonna have to hunt The Color of Magic down now and read it.
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