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New Star Trek series?
Does anyone know if or when Star Trek will return to TV? I liked the new movie and am itching for more.

Does anyone know what any new show could be about?
I'm kinda picky. I'd like to have rebooted TOS. We've had Kirk and Spock reintroduced. Maybe after 3 movies they might decided that it's time for a new series about the original crew. Either way, I don't think it'll happen for a good number of years yet.
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Any new show would have to take place in the alternate reality created by the movie, but there's zero (or very small) chance they'd be able to get the movie cast to do a TV show. It'll probably be better to set the show on another Starfleet ship with a different crew and get members of the movie cast to make the occasional guest appearances.
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Although I'm not against a rebooted TOS with the new cast, I'd would rather see them bring back Enterprise first and show us the Romulan War and Birth of the Federation stuff. But that's my opinion.
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Oh, I think we'll see a reboot of TOS on TV, but only after we get 2 more movies at least. There's a few episodes that I'd love to see remade (like Balance of Terror, Errand of Mercy, The Doomsday Machine, City on the Edge of Forever and The Trouble with Tribbles).


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