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Favorite Book genre?
Post it here!
This should be a simple question, what is your favorite book genre?

I absolutely LOVE the fantasy/sci-fi genre. I like books that are out of the ordinary and have good adventures.
Sci-fi/Fantasy, definitely. I also like some mystery books too...
Hard choice this one. But I gotta say Horror... I love Stephen King! Biggrin
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Mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy kind of books are my favorites, but I also enjoy some horror books as well.
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War (fiction and non-fiction), Fantasy and Science fiction.

Then there are those days when I get girly and read a romance novel. Wink
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Lately I've been trying to "broaden my horizons" by reading books from different genres. Smile Right now, I love Historical Fiction and Mystery are my most favourite, after Sci Fi/Fantasy.
Sci Fi/Fantasies have always been my favorite. Next would be Mysteries.
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Without a doubt, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
I pretty much I like any book that has adventure/action. This includes many Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
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Definitely Science Fiction/Fantasy. And the occasional Romance novel.
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Largely Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, though I love the occasional Historical Fiction book.
Sci-fi, fantasy and historical (fiction and non-fiction) are my favourite genres.
Just Sci-Fi, and some Fantasy. I'm also a fan of horrors and mysteries. Happy
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My guess would be Sci-Fi, but I don't read books often (not much time on hand).
Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, Mystery and Fantasy. All my favorites!


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