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How many songs on your iTunes?
or other music program
How many songs do you currently have on your iTunes or other music program?

I currently have 64 songs on mine, but some of those I have to share with VulcanStevens as we both use the same computer.
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I only have 18. I'm just not a music listener. Ohmy
37 at the moment, I don't tend to keep a wide range of songs on my iTunes. I only keep with the ones that I listen to the most.
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I have 452 songs at the moment. I gotta go though it sometime and remove those songs that aren't my favourites.
I have 135 songs on my iTunes.
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219 but I really haven't used my iTunes in a while.
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1142 songs, but most I haven't listened to in a long while. I should get to cleaning it out.
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At the moment, 651 songs, though most I haven't listened to in more than a year.
181 right now. probably will add more later.
I have 408 songs at this time. Most, like others have said, aren't played often.
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852 songs, I can't help it, I listen to music often (helps me concentrate).
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Only 31 at the moment. I don't listen to music often.
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I currently have 81 songs. Smile
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