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Board Updates- 7/17/09
I think it's becoming obvious that I'm neglecting this site for awhile. Pinch

I'm hoping to get back into the loop again. So here's some updates:

-As requested, I've added the 10 Yeti Sports games to the Arcade.
-I've added two new themes, called Afresh Leaf and Dig. Be sure to check them out (User CP -> Edit Options -> Board Style).
-I've removed that annoying Social Bookmark box. No one was using it anyway.
-I've restored the MyMood. Be sure to specified your mood.
-Onto that Store I promised. Yeah, I haven't been too crazy about adding it. I might some day in the future. But as it stands now, don't expect it.

Other than that, I got noting new to say, other than the fact I'll be going around and promoting this site on other forum in the coming week.
Thanks for the updates, I'm glad to see the MyMood back. Happy
I've made one more addition, you can now display your country's flag in the post bit below your MyMood. Just select your country from the User CP and it will display its flag on the post bit. I've also removed the Location field from the post bit as it seemed to be redundant.
These updates look cool, especially the Yeti Sports games. Thanks! Thumbsup
Looks like I've missed some things while I was away. Glad to see the MyMood back, and I don't miss that annoying Social Bookmark box. Like the country flags as well, although does there have to be a line break between the Mood and Country bits?
Actually, I think it looks much better with the line break, otherwise it might collide with the MyMood image.
Cool updates, especially the flags. So there's an flag for every country, right?
(08-05-2009, 09:41 PM)DarthMaul6 Wrote: So there's an flag for every country, right?

More or less. There's a few countries and autonomous regions that don't have an flag icon yet, but the odds that someone from those places will ever visit us is so small I don't really worry about it.


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