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What is the SCARIEST Star Wars moment ever?
What is, in your opinion, the SCARIEST Star Wars moment ever? It can be from the books or the movies.

Mine (at least when I was younger) was when the Emperor was frying Luke with the Force Lightning, I actually use to hide behind the Couch.
My scariest Star Wars moment was when I found out that George Lucas wasn't gonna make anyone Star Wars movies. Tongue

Being serious now, I think I remember being scared of the Wampa on Hoth the first time I saw it in the special edition. But other than that I can't remember any other moments I was scared.
The closest thing I can think of being scared in a Star Wars movie was probably when the Emperor walks down the shuttle ramp in ROTJ. I just don't remember being scared any other time.
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I freaked out the first time I saw Luke get his hand cut off in ESB.
Scariest moment? I can't remember anytime during a Star Wars movie where I got scared. Maybe when I first saw Darth Vader, but that's about it.
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I'd say the scariest SW moment for me is the the first time I saw the Wampa eating in the SE release of ESB, I couldn't help it, it gave me shivers (I was 11 at the time). Was the bloody string of goo really necessary?
When I was little, the mynock in ESB and Darth Vader scared me. They don't anymore Wink
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Scariest moment in star wars was when the capatin of the ssd sees vader's head out of the mask
I think the scariest moment was when Luke attacked Vader with his hatred (in ROTJ). I was scared that Vader was gonna die. And also the Force Lightning! Both those things scared me as a kid. Pinch
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The scariest scene that I recall from Star Wars was the introduction of the Rancor. I was only 7 at the time and it freaked me out. I didn't watch Return of the Jedi for almost 6 years after that. Eekout
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can't believe it hasn't been meationed yet, the scariest star wars moment is the holiday special.
When Darth Vader threw me into that bottomless pit... I got scared! That's why I was screaming. Tongue Wink

For real, I freaked out the first time I saw Jabba's face. He was frightening. Eekout
The scariest part would probably be when Luke sees Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru fried! That gave me nightmare for a couple months Pinch Also the fat dancer in ROTJ, mostly because I thought that's how I'd end up looking like when I got older (thankfully not).
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Probably my scariest moment was when the Emperor was using Force Lightning against Luke. Also the scene where Anakin was on fire.
The first time I saw A New Hope, I got scared during the garbage masher scene. I also got scared when I first saw the Emperor. Eekout


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