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Credit system added
Based on user feedback, I've gone ahead and added a credit system to the board. As an added gift, everyone has earned credit on all their previous posts based on the current rates:
-10 Credits for registering
-5 Credits for a new thread
-5 Credits per poll creation
-2 Credits per new reply (10 characters minimum)
-1 Credit per vote
-1 Credit is also given to the original thread starter for every reply posted to the thread.

I haven't added the Store yet, as I still have to do much testing on that (it should be ready in a few weeks). However a Marketplace forum has been added for you to be able to spend your credits among your fellow members.
I like it as well. Hope to see the store soon. Smile
Love it. Smoke

So when will we see the store? And what will be able to buy in it?


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