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Site related issues/bugs/errors
And how to solve them
Being a self-hosted board, there are bound to be issues in performance, bugs and errors every now and then. Some will go away, others will like to hang around for a while. The following is a list of known issues and errors with this board that haven't been (or can't be) fixed yet.

Internet Explorer issues
Several users reported trouble with using this board while using Internet Explorer including failure to connect and pages not loaded completely. You may be able to get around some of the issues by disabling javascript in I.E. but it might not always work.

Some users have reported that upgrading to Internet Explorer 8 will fix these issues, although I still recommend viewing this board with a browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome, which will render the board correctly.

Login Issues
On occasion, a user may become unable to log in to the board properly. This usually is caused by your browser's cookies (the bits of information stored on your computer that remember who you are) become corrupted. This is rare, but it does happen. But not to panic, is is easily fixed by simply deleting your browser cookies.

Simply visit the page located here:
and click the link in the bottom line. That will clear your cookies and hopefully fix your login issue.

Other bugs/issues
Every so often a new bug may appear in MyBB that may go unnoticed. If you spot one not listed in this thread, please PM me with details so I may effect a fix and/or report it to the MyBB developers.


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