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Whose Death is the Saddest?
I can't help but to admit it, when I first saw Return of the Jedi when I was a kid, I remember crying when Yoda died. This is basically the only time I've ever gotten shook up about someone dying in the SW universe.

So, who's death was the worst for you? It can be from the movies or the expanded universe.
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Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker in ROTJ brought a tear to my eye. Cry
Chewbacca's death in Vector Prime. That one had me crying. Cry
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Hmmm.... probably Darth Vader's in ROTJ. In the books, Chewbacca's death in Vector Prime was probably the saddest (though a shout-out for Anakin Solo's death in Star by Star as being sad as well).
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That frog eaten by Worrt outside Jabba's palace. I cried for days. Tongue

The poor Ewok that was shot by the walker in ROTJ. That scene for some reason, is just sad (Especially when the other Ewok tried to wake him up).
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When Darth vader died after revealing himself to Luke as Anakin. I though about how anakin used to be and it made me sad. yeah, I'm a softie, can't help it. Cry
I got choked up at the death of Admiral Ozzel....oh, wait, no... Ok, that was a bad pun. Tongue

I'll go with Vader in the last movie. That's enough to bring a tear to my eye (not that I'm proud to admit to that). Cry
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I'm going to go with the death of that one Ewok who was running away with a fellow Ewok from enemy fire. When the one Ewok got hit, his fellow Ewok tried to get him to come along with him only to find out that his friend was dead. Seeing that other Ewok mourn over the body saddened me.
Anakin Skywalker, most definitely. He died, but not before fulfilling the prophecy he was destined to.

Obi-Wan's death on the Death Star is a close second. If he kept fighting, Vader might've messed up, and Kenobi could have put an end to him, but he knew that it was Luke's destiny, not his.
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Padme's death in ROTS. She was killed by least person she expected. Her death was a senseless kill.
in the movies, qui-gon's death definately. he was a great character. he was the nicest jedi and he believed in Anakin. after he died, everything went wrong.

in the books, anakin solo in star by star. he was so young! Cry
Anakin's, his was a life wasted, sad and tragic. Never had any time to enjoy his life with the people he loved. And in the end when he was finally able to come to terms with the love for his son, he dies. His funeral is also one of the series' greatest scenes.
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I would have to say like Yoda's, Obi-Wan's, Anakin's, and probably Padme's. Also that one ewok death mentioned above was a little heart wrenching.
I felt really bad when Luke saw what happened to Owen and Beru. And all the younglings in ROTS. That part killed me. (Pun not intended)
The Order 66 sequence in ROTS has to be the saddest for me. They were all caught off guard. Cry

In the books, it has to be Chewbacca's in Vector Prime. That was kinda unexpected at the time.
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