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Not quite sure if it qualify as a sport, but does anyone play Paintball? I think it's a pretty awesome sport. The paintballs surprisingly don't hurt to bad, and usually don't leave a welt (unless you are within 10 feet). Of course the power of the gun also plays a factor in that...
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I played paintball once and ended up getting shot in the ass. That really hurt! Censored Don't know if it left a welt as I can't really look back there. No
I love Paintball! I paintball with my friends when I have some free time. It can get the adrenalin running...

(05-12-2009, 04:15 PM)SouthTown Man Wrote: I played paintball once and ended up getting shot in the ass.

LOL, me too the very first time. But it ain't half as bad as getting shot in your Kidney. Now that really smarts Pinch Censored
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You know, I have never played paintball but I've always wanted to. My friends aren't that into it... Confused


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