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What would you change about Star Wars?
If you could, what would you change about the Star Wars storyline, concept, characters, etc (includes the movies AND the books)?
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I would change nothing. Star Wars is perfect as is. Yes, even Jar Jar.
Jar Jar Binks and some of the lines said in the movies are stupid/corny. Other than that nothing.
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-Jar Jar should've never should have been created. If you needed the Gungans at all then they should have been like the Wookies, a warrior race, not some stupid race.
-Midiclorians (sp?) were a stupid idea, the Force was so cool as some mysterious thing that only a few people could use, not some little one-cell organisms.
-Darth Maul never should have died in the first movie, best villain next to Vader. He easily should have been in the second movie.
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I'd put back ALL the Anakin / Padme scenes on Naboo in ATOC (It makes their relationship more credible).
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Jar Jar... I would have kept the character, but given him a completely different personality. Also, more moments like the Tatooine sunset in the prequels, to let things sink in. The pacing was too fast, you don't feel like you should care about the characters.
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The OT is perfect, nothing needs to be changed. I don't like some of the CGI in the PT, it'll be better to use some more models instead.
Midichlorians - For the same reasons as Eagle of the Desert3 said above.
C3P0 - He shouldn't have been created by Anakin/Darth Vader.

Other than that, Star Wars is fairly perfect as it (yep, even with Jar Jar).
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Nothing in the movies but in the Han Solo trilogy of books, I wouldn't make Bria die. Other than that, noting.
I'd have Qui-Gon cut off Jar Jar's head on their first meeting. Tongue

Being serious now, I would replace TPM Anakin, he was terrible. He put almost no effort into his lines and when he did he sounded as though someone had just shoved a hedgehog up his rear. Also I just wish we had more idea as to the way Jango was before the whirling lightsaber got him, I greatly respected him due to Bounty Hunter but I feel he was done an injustice. Also I feel the lightsaber duels in the OT should have more energy in them like in TPM.
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In the OT I wouldn't change anything.

In the PT I would have:
-Kept Darth Maul alive and have him get killed in Episode II by Anakin Skywalker.
-Make Anakin older in Episode I, like around 13-14 years old.
-Have the Anakin/Padme relationship start in Episode I and somehow make it more credible.
-No Jar Jar.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Rolleyes
About the only thing I'd change would be to make the Anakin/Padme relationship look more natural, not forced and unbelievable as it appears now.
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I would have Jar Jar Binks die in TPM. I also think I would change the scene with Palpatine vs the Jedi Masters. The book did a better job of it. The movie, however, made them seem weak.
Midiclorians and Jar Jar.


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