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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Having been a fan of the Pokemon games since the original Red/Blue versions release I finally got the Diamond version a couple days ago.

I'm really enjoying this game so far. Gameplay wise, not much has changed since the original versions. Although, the touch screen is a great addition to the game. It helps simplify many of the menu choices especially while in battle. Also really glad to see they finally brought back the Day/Night cycle last used in the Gold/Silver/Crystal versions of the game. Oh, and you eventually get a Pokétech device which you use while walking around and get several upgrades as you progress through the game. It serves as a clock, calculator, item finder among other things. As with each new installment of the franchise, this game comes with a new generation bringing the total number of Pokemon to 493. Cool

Does anyone else like this game?
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Actually, I've never played a Pokemon game before. Never was a big fan of it... sorry. However, alot of my friends were big fan of Pokemon back in the day.
I love these games. I have the Diamond version. Hey Wenty, have you ever used the Pokemon Maker on the Sapphire/Ruby versions? I made a shiny Mewtwo with Dark-type moves like Crunch and such. I transferred it from the GBA games to Diamond. I admit I take shortcuts by using cheat codes, but it doesn't take anything away from the addictiveness of the game.
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