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Win a free vacation on me!
Yep, to show that I'm a really nice person, I'm going to start a very simple competition. The prize for winning this competition is a full expenses paid vacation to the great Byzantine salt flats, which from what I heard are beautiful this time of year (especially considering Spring Break is coming Wink ). Oh, and supposedly this is the very spot where the prophet Muhammad buried the Sword of Damocles to hide it from Lord Voldemort.

You can win this exciting vacation by simply guess what number I'm thinking of. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1,029. First person to guess it right wins the vacation. Happy
Ooh, I've always wanted to go there! Let me guess... 239 Smile
I guess 94. Smoke
I know what you're doing...you can't fool me. Wink

I guess 1,030.
I need a vacation, so through careful deduction, I guess 971.
I'm gonna guess 574.
How about 712? Smoke
Is 492 right?
Obviously this was an April Fools joke, so time to close this. Mellow

Oh, and all your answers...

BTW, the correct number was 357, the thread number. Happy


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