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Hollywood Squares
Do does anyone watch the game show Hollywood Squares? I do! Whistling Hyper
I haven't seen in on TV in quite some time.

I really like the Peter Marshall version. I really liked his version of Hollywood Squares for its genuine humor, particularly the kind that came from Paul Lynde! Smile
I really like the Peter Marshall version. I can watch the other version and still enjoy it, but I thought that Peter Marshall was a very gracious host. I also liked the celebrities that they had on back then as well, and it was easier for me to recognize the celebrities on the Peter Marshall version than the latter. Smile

The Tom Bergeron version (post-Whoopie) was also really fun and funny! Laugh
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I watched it once (the Tom Bergeron version), but it never really caught my interest. Maybe I just saw a not-so-good episode.
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