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What do you like most about Star Wars?
So what do you like most about Star Wars?

I like the philosophy of the Force, like in ESB, that the Force connects everything together, even the rocks. Wink
its fun to watch, stuff gets blown up, cool story lines and it has a great blend of action and comedy Pimp Artist Smoke
Star Wars is, at its best, one of the best allegories of the never-ending battle between good and evil. Through Anakin Skywalker, and ultimately Luke Skywalker, we can see that we ALL face the choice everyday of doing either good or evil, right or wrong, to choose one side or the other and to live with the consequences of our decisions and actions.

Plus lightsaber battles are cool. Cool
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I like the fact that Star Wars presents a whole other galaxy that you can immerse yourself in when you just need to get away. I also like how the basic themes of Star Wars are so universal. The characters are well-developed, and of course the action is fantastic! Thumbsup
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I like the action, drama, the fantasy, and pretty much everything else that makes Star Wars special.
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Everything. The action. The adventure. The space battle scenes. The ground battle scenes. The lightsaber duels. The Force. The politics. The classic battle of good versus evil that makes Star Wars a modern myth. Etc.

Basically, what's there not to like? (other than the Holiday Special of course Wink )
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I love the themes of redemption, family, friendship, loyalty, bravery in the face of evil... I could go on forever. And the space battles.
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I like the fact that there are so many interesting characters in the background, most of whom have absolutely nothing to do with the story. Also, the stories are amazing and the characters are great too (except for Jar Jar).
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I like it because is something very different, in another Galaxy far far away, a lot of aliens, ships, Jedis, lightsabers, the Force, lasers, the music, the sounds, the amazing battle scenes, and its incredibly complex story. Smile
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The characters, the action, the humor, the special effects, everything.
i like that the force gives the jedi a purpose above and beyond their own selfish wants or needs.
I think the most brilliant thing is the galaxy that Lucas created, as there are hundreds of spaceships and lots of planets and creatures... and of course the story it self is great, and lightsabers duels of course, all of this makes the story more real. I also like the soundtrack.
I like Star Wars not only because of its amazing battle scenes, but also because of its incredibly complex story.


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