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New Features
added 2/18/09
I have added some new features to the board for you all to enjoy. Smile Here's a list of what's been added:
  • Two new themes, Sharepoint and Blue Sand. Blue Sand has also been made the new default theme (don't worry, I'm working on a new banner for it and hopefully will put it up in a few days).
  • That Roleplay forum you've always wanted. Here's the link.
  • A contact form. Not a major change, I just was tired of that mailto: link to my inbox.
  • A username history accessible from your profile page.
  • A referral form. This makes it easier to refer people to this board. You can access it here. It's also available in your UserCP.
  • MyAwards, which allows awards to be handed out to users. A list of awards can be seen right here. If you have any suggestions for awards, just post them here.
  • Social Bookmarking, which allows you to submit threads to popular bookmarking sites such as Digg, del.icio.us, StumbleUpon and Google Bookmarks. If you have another site you wish to bookmark to, post them here.
And that's all folks!
Looking good, especially MyAwards! As for award ideas, I think a Member of the Month and Signature of the Month award would be good.
I like the award mod (at it appears I already got an award, yippie!) Hyper

Just one thing, can the MyMood thing be above the awards? It just doesn't look right the way it is now.
I've actually tried to fix that, several times. So far, no success. Sad
Like the Social Bookmark thing, but maybe Yahoo Bookmarks could be added? Maybe Facebook as well.

Also, in the UserCP, there is no icon for the 'Refer A Member' page, could one be added? It would look better.
Hey, what happened to the MyMood? It's gone! Mellow
Quick answers:

MyMood- I removed it yesterday, it was causing me untold problems Angry It's not gone permanently, just until I can get around to fix it.

Refer A Member in UserCP- I've added an icon.

Social Bookmarking- Yahoo Bookmark and Facebook added. Flowers
HeyPaul, what happened to the Forum/Board Header-Banner with all the cool graphics and stuff?BlinkUnsureCry
There, it should be back up for you. Pimp
(03-31-2009, 09:45 AM)Starpaul20 Wrote: There, it should be back up for you. Pimp

Aw yes - there it is, back again... thanks Paul!!!Thumbsup


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