Poll: Who is your favourite James Bond actor?
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Sean Connery
4 36.36%
George Lazenby
1 9.09%
Roger Moore
0 0%
Timothy Dalton
0 0%
Pierce Brosnan
4 36.36%
Daniel Craig
2 18.18%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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Favourite James Bond actor?
So out of the six actors to play James Bond, which one was your favourite?

Mine's Sean Connery. Biggrin
Daniel Craig Wub
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Sean Connery. Second place is shared by both Dalton and Craig because they come closest to Flemming's original creation.
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I really can't say, as I've only ever seen three Bond movies. They were with Connery, Moore and Craig. I thought they were all good (though I found it hard to take Moore seriously in Octopussy).
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Pierce Brosnan is my favorite, followed by Sean Connery. Biggrin
I've only ever saw the last six or so Bond movies, but out of them I like Pierce Brosnan the best. Though I will admit that Daniel Craig is hot. Drool
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For me, the best would be Sean Connery, and the worst would be Roger Moore.
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Daniel Craig

The other Bonds don't scare me, but Craig would. Eekout
Pierce Brosnan, I just liked him in the role (and wished he gotten a 5th movie).
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I gotta go with the old scottish man, Connery. He is the original after all. Wink
I think George Lazenby played the best role as James Bond.
In my opinion Pierce Brosnan was the best.


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