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Server move complete
I have finished the board's server move sooner than I expected. Now we should no longer have to worry about any SQL errors (hopefully). I haven't yet added new themes or mods yet, I hope to start them tomorrow.

Although I transferred all posts, threads and members, I decided to prune several things, most notably thread and forum subscriptions (they were causing me some problems). If you have any subscriptions, you'll need to re-subscribe to those threads in questions.

If you see any errors, please post them here.
I have noticed one problem, my MyMood was set to the wrong one. It's a small problem, but still noteworthy none the less.

Other than that, congratulations, I sure won't miss any of those nasty SQL errors. Biggrin
Yeah there is a problem, there are no more SQL errors! I'm lost without those annoying White-screens-of-Death telling me it can't find the server. Tongue Biggrin

Otherwise, everything looks fine. Biggrin Hyper
Thank god, no more errors. Happy

What are some of the mods you want to add?
(02-09-2009, 06:18 PM)BoVaStEvEnS Wrote: What are some of the mods you want to add?

-Money system
-Award Mod
-Contact form (to get rid of that stupid mailto: link)
-Username history
-Referral list (to list the users you've referred)
-Social Bookmarking mod (allows you to bookmark to site like Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.)

Plus some other things I'm probably forgetting. Pinch
I have noticed one problem, the MyMood thing doesn't look right on the Afresh Flame theme. You can see for yourself on this screenshot I just took (for the 'post your browser' thread in another forum)...

Is this a Firefox problem or a theme problem?


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