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Magic: The Gathering
So does anybody else play Magic: The Gathering? I love with the game, though I don't play it as much than I use to. Laugh I mostly play black and red decks.
I'm sorry to say it never really appealed to me, I know some of my peeps who play it and I have to admit it looked fun, but just not fun enough for me to pursue.
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Occasionally, I like to use the card illustrations as inspiration, but other than that, I've never really played it.
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This card game is as confusing as anything can be. I tried to learn all the rules, including timing rules and effects. But in the end, I gave up because it gave me a headache.
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I love magic. i loved playing with decks that sounded ridiculous so that people would have a good laugh... since they were widely unused, the decks were a lot of fun to play.

this deck is one of my favorite: black-red land destruction/burn/wall deck. the deck had no creatures, only walls, and was loaded with land destruction. No one realizes how much that'll actually affect you until you're left without any.
I play but I really suck (I'm also not really a fan of it).


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