Who do you think will win Super Bowl 43?
Arizona Cardinals
Pittsburgh Steelers
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Super Bowl 43 predictions
So who do you think will happen with the Super Bowl this year? Who will win, or lose? You know, stuff like that.

I've attached a poll to see who you're rootin' for. Biggrin
I predict someone will win, someone will lose and a whole lot of people will be unhappy. Wink

I'm gonna go ahead and say Arizona Cardinals.
Well, I like neither of those teams but I had to take a guess as to who will win, the little voice in my head tells me it will be the Cardinals.
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I'm going to say Pittsburgh Steelers will win but the score will be close...

I'm going to put in a score guess of: Pittsburgh 31, Cardinals 19. I believe the score will be close. Wink
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