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Caption Contest #2: What's that?
Well, the last caption contest hasn't been posted in since November so I decided to start a new one. I'm not quite sure how Starpaul20 wanted to grade the winners but I'll go ahead and say everyone's a winner.

Anyway, here's a new pic:
[Image: captioncontest2vx3.jpg]

Caption away!
Here is where my signature begins...

And here is where my signature ends. What, were you expecting more?
[Image: captioncontest2vx3.jpg]
Guy in Suit: That will help you grow all your hair back.
I'm too cool to have a sig Wink
[Image: captioncontest2vx3.jpg]
Sgt. Samuel L. Jackson checks to make sure no mother <bleeping> snakes are getting on this mother <bleeping> plane!
[Image: captioncontest2vx3.jpg]
Soldier: We need to check everyone's bag, we have received intelligence that there is a Nazi infiltrator around...
T'Pol: I am not old, I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday.
Trip: I can't believe you told me that.
T'Pol: You accused me of being old.
-Star Trek: Enterprise 3-24, "Zero Hour"
[Image: captioncontest2vx3.jpg]
Soldier: Can you demonstrate how you use this, sir?
Guy in suit: No, but I think your private over there can.


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